What the hell is decarbonization and how can it help us solve climate change?

To solve climate change, we have to decarbonize (no carbs will be harmed in this process).
08/02/23  - by ChatGPT & Isodope

To solve climate change, we have to decarbonize (no carbs will be harmed in this process).

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Climate change is happening because we put too much carbon (and other not-so-famous greenhouse gasses) into our atmosphere. We do this by burning fossil fuels to power our fancy lives. To decarbonize, we have to stop doing that.

Most emissions come from things like cars, ships, making electricity by using coal and natural gas, manufacturing and even cow farts (it’s actually most burps but that doesn’t have the same ring to it) 💩.

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So what do we need to do?

There are tons of rad ways to decarbonize:

First, we have to electrify. That just means to make most things electric: i.e. electric cars instead of gasoline-powered ones… electric heaters and stoves, instead of natural gas ones.

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But here’s the problem: electricity doesn’t exist in nature, we have to create it. Most of the electricity we get today is from burning fossil fuels, and we’ve already established that’s bad.

In order to decarbonize, we have to switch from fossil fuels (coal, oil, “natural” gas 🙄) and make sure all of our electricity is created with clean energy. The good news is, we already have a ton of options.

Clean energy sources that should be on your radar:

The largest source of clean energy in the world is hydropower (think big dams), followed by nuclear. But, we also have wind, solar, geothermal and more (if you say biomass, I will come for you. Biomass sucks).

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Who exactly is decarbonizing?

Several places already decarbonized their electricity. Norway, Sweden, Ontario in Canada and Iceland are all great examples of places that are doing this right now.


Soooo hey, rest of the world 👋. Let’s cut the bullshit and decarbonize NOW.

Check out my video to learn more about decarbonization.